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Swauk Creek




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  • Branding
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We were asked to design a logo and five product labels for a fictional pet food company called Swauk Creek Farm. We had to develop a new line of pet food with three unique flavors, as well as two additional pet related products.

The fictional Swauk Creek Farm is a family owned farm based out of Walla Walla, Washington. Their mission is to create highly nutritious pet foods while also driving positive change in the industry. Their pet food is produced in a way that respects farm animal welfare while also having a positive impact on the environment.

Our audience was described as a younger generation of mindful consumers, 21-40 years of age, willing to spend a little extra for their pets, but not willing to sacrifice the environment or the welfare of farm animals.


My solution was to appeal to the fun-loving pet owner with a bit of humor, and add a little authenticity and organic vibes with friendly hand drawn typography and illustrations.

Additionally, an effort was made to keep the packaging environmentally friendly resulting in many practical advantages. Using TetraPak Recart packaging instead of traditional aluminum cans allows Swauk Creek Farm to reduce their carbon footprint by 81%. Each package is made of at least 67% renewable (Forest Stewardship Council-certified) paperboard. The resulting lightweight and rectangular shaped package is 10-20% more efficient to transport compared to aluminum cans, allowing for fewer trucks on the road.